My name is Sam van Til.

After my studies in Architecture at the TUDelft I decided to find an alternative path towards building a better future.
On this website you’ll find some examples of how I’m combining adventure, design and creating a sustainable future.




From 2007 until 2015 I’ve been studying architecture at the TUDelft.

plastic recycling

in 2016, together with Nout Kooij, I have started vanPlestik

visit our website vanPlestik.nl


Plastic waste causes huge problems around the world, for both men and nature. By using waste plastic as building material for our 3D printers vanPlestik is enabling the local reuse of plastic waste.

In the Netherlands we can transform plastic waste into unique, high-quality and affordable plastic objects like furniture or custom made parts for the local industry.

Worldwide we want to reduce the global plastic waste problem by enabling and creating local industries. Many places in the developing world don’t have access to conventional recycling facilities. With our 3D-printers we will be able to close the plastic loop on a local level. This will create new businesses that are able to produce valuable objects and at the same time keep the waste plastic from ending up in nature.

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In 2013 I started to build my first unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV’s) better known as drones. Together with my father we spent hours and hours gluing together our new creations. Building on top of open-source software and hardware we created a working platform that could take-off, fly a planned mission and land all fully autonomous.

After my studies this became a more serious job as I started to do work for HiView and FutureWater. This job took me all the way to Mozambique where I was working for the Saving Water For Food(SWFF) project in Mozambique  for over 7 months.
After years of work my abilities and experience now stretches from building custom made UAV’s to processing geographic information system (GIS) maps and include:

  • Building and maintaining UAV’s
  • Prosessing raw UAV data to make ultra high resolution maps and digital elevation models (DEM’s)
  • Creating thermal maps.
  • Classification of various UAV data sources.
  • Camera conversion from red-green-blue to infrared-green-blue.
  • Creating workflows and software solutions for other UAV specialists.
  • Training others to become UAV operators.